The real reason why smoking is prohibited on planes
Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I am travelling to Australia shortly. I am a smoker although I do not smoke as much as my partner who is flying with me. I just wondered if anyone knew if there are any airlines that still allow smoking, its just such a long flight and would be nice to have a cigarette. I would really appreciate any answers that I can use. Many Thanks
I work as cabin crew and there are definately no airlines that permit smoking, however I'll let you into a little secret the no smoking policy is NOT a safety thing, it's a cost cutting scheme. Travelling when smoking was allowed was healthier because the air in the cabin had to be constantly changed in order to get rid of the smoke, however now they are able to recycle the air and this cost less money because it uses less fuel then constantly changing the air however also allows everybodies germs to be spread to everybody else, hence the reason you always feel off colour after a flight!! And believe me this is so true because I constantly have a cold and have had loads of wierd and wonderful viruses since starting the job!!


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