Software Engineers
Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Software engineers come in only two flavors: software engineers - peeps who can write code, and

junior software engineers - peeps who haven't yet realized they can't write code.

If you can write code - they won't offer you a "junior software engineer" position. And you won't accept "junior software engineer" position either.

"Senior Software Engineer" (capitalization is important, it just doesn't look that impressive without it) title is bullshit. Often, "Senior Software Engineer" is a self-assigned title by those who have either "a lot" ( usually 3+ years ) of experience or those who can "design" and "envision" software. The point is - if you can't do these things (meaning you can't work with that level of abstraction) - then you fall into junior software engineer category, and you should quit anyway. When I was 20, I was putting a lot of effort into ensuring that everybody around knows that I'm a "Senior Software Engineer". I probably didn't yet hit puberty back then. I'm glad I didn't go for "Principal Senior Software Engineer Chief Architect Head Analyst QA TeamLead VIP Elite".

update: what smart people say about "senior software engineer" title


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