punch a social media expert
Thursday, March 10, 2011

This has become impossible. I see a desktop notification about an e-mail from my mom, and I open my mailbox just to be greeted by a page of e-mails from "Social Media Experts" who ran a 5-line script that does a site:linkedin.com Google query for a keyword and sends everyone from the result list a LinkedIn message with offer to use their services or join their group.

I post on twitter something like "I hate pop-corn" and immediately get followed by 3 guys with twitter descriptions "buy your favorite flavor of pop-corn here in Berlin, with 24/7 delivery".

This has to stop. And it has to be stopped not by protecting your tweets or profiles from the outside world. The whole SMO/SME idea has to be put down. SMO/SME is a new spam. Was it in Sweden 20 years ago - the highest income was reported by one spammer. That was back in the time when spam was not yet fought against and every day you could enjoy a nice selection of great penis enlargement and weight loss offers every time you open your mailbox.

I see the same situation happening again, right here and right now, but now it's labeled "Social Media Optimization".

This madness has to stop. Next time I see a "Social Media Expert" I'm gonna punch him in the face.


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