Plum computers
Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Subject: One Additional Thing™.
From: Plum Computers

Let’s face it: Your computer isn’t cool. It might be faster, run more programs and cost far less than one of our Prune™ models, but nobody cares and you’re a loser.

Prune™ computers are so trendy that your ego increases just by virtue of owning one. Honestly.

After all, only someone with an ego the size of the Santa Clara Valley would buy a computer that does less and costs more. It’s like some kind of hyper-consumerism that savvy marketers have manipulated you into believing will make you chic, when in reality you’re just another plastic-glasses-and-turtleneck-wearing asshole who can’t find someone of the opposite sex to waste their money on.

But we love you just the same. And we love your money even more. So buy a computer or two from us, will you?

Plum™. Think Cool™.


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